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Tell us of your experiences, both good and bad

Children’s Charter has heard shocking accounts of how SEND children are being treated.

A special needs co-ordinator at one academy school walked out of their job, but not before telling the school’s principle that lack of resources and training was resulting in the illegal treatment of SEND children in their school.

We have heard of how a child with learning difficulties was left to roam their school at will as none of the teaching staff could be bothered whether this child attended classes or not. When a fire alarm went off and the school evacuated, nobody knew where this child was and was eventually found fast asleep under a staircase.

You can help in the campaign to ensure government, local authorities and schools are meeting their obligations with regard to the equal treatment of children with special educational needs and disabilities by telling us of your experiences.

We would like to know about schools that are shining examples of inclusion as well those who should be named and shamed or referred for further investigation.

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