Fighting for the rights of SEND children

The Children and Families Act 2014 clearly states that all children should have their needs met and that parents should be fully involved in decisions that affect their child. But parents trying to get their children into a special needs school or to challenging a school for failing to meet its obligations of SEND children is fraught with difficulties.

Children have a right not to be segregated i.e. sent to a special needs school. Equally, they should have a right be educated at such a school if this will be the better option. They certainly should not be disadvantaged by being forcibly sent to another, less well performing school so the incumbent school can bolster its performance in exam league tables.

Don’t let schools get away with cutting corners or manipulating their intakes via admissions and exclusions to benefit themselves rather than your child.

If you are unsure of how to best fight for your child’s rights the Coram Children's Legal Centre, the UK's leading legal children's charity and part of the Coram group, operate a helpline that can give advice.

Its website also provides a wealth of information on the duties of schools and local authorities to assess, identify and provide for a child’s special educational needs within school.

Find out more here.

If all else fails, contact your MP and ask for their help.

Contacting your MP is very easy, go here to find out more.